“WALK ON”, together!
Come on join us!!


What’s JKD?

JKD is “Jeet Kune Do”. JKD was founded by martial artist Bruce Lee.
Sifu Tommy Carruthers JKD is a scientific street fighting. It’s Simple & Direct.

JKDとはJeet Kune Do(ジークンドー)の略で、武道家のブルース・リー師祖が創始した武道です。


What’s IFO?

IFO is “Intercepting Fist Organization”. That’s name of the team to training in Tommy’s JKD.

Currently, IFO is establish in various countries around the world.
In 2015, It was established in Ehime, Japan. Furthermore in 2017, It was established in Tokyo & Nagano.

IFOとはIntercepting Fist Organisationの略で、トミーズJKDを研鑽する仲間のチーム名です。